Anna Lann // Moist // Music Video


Anna Lann MoistAnna Lann – a Latvian multi-disciplinary artist based in Tel Aviv – unleashed ‘Moist’ yesterday, as a statement around humanity’s fragile planetary dominance. The song comes from Moist, her second EP and her first for Little Assembly, a new LA-based indie label that aims to deliver ‘left-field pop music,’ due for release on July 21.

Anna told JCinLA that the video aims to show how “man creates palaces out of marble, fur coats, and leather coats out of animals, et cetera, while placing himself as the dominating species on planet earth, constantly forgetting that it takes the tiniest spark from nature’s side to literally delete humankind from the face of the Earth. The lyrics ‘How much has gone… Feels like I’m spending time with you’ in a way resembles a love affair which is coming to an end, and is referring to the way nature feels toward mankind.”

The video, directed by Anna and Jonathan Trichter, depicts an array of natural elements, water, ash, mushrooms and columns of stacked cabbage. Intercut with these stunning, surreal scenes are aerial shots of forest fires and volcanic eruptions illustrating nature’s mighty force over humanity.

Take a look at the video below…

Moist is available to download now from iTunes.

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