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Boy’s Don’t Cry: To Be Frank…


The all-consuming obsession with the release of Frank Ocean’s Boy’s Don’t Cry is getting a little bit ridiculous, isn’t it? I liked Channel Orange as much as the next guy, but Jesus, you’d think he was including a free ticket to fellate him with every digital download.

Frank Ocean New Album
The now-infamous Library Card

Granted, music has been about as exciting as Taylor Swift’s Instagram Stories this year. A light at the end of the long, dark, Brexit-overshadowed tunnel we call ‘2016’ is well overdue. But, when you’re sat at home on a glorious Saturday in August watching a live-stream of NOTHING in the hope you’ll discover some cryptic clue about when the album’s gonna drop, you realise it’s all gone a bit too far.

Is there some serious next-level narcissism at work here? Or does the exclusivity deal he’s signed with Apple that sees crazy people like me returning to that Apple Music branded live-stream, surely created to cash in on the ‘will he, won’t he?’ hype surrounding the release.

But let’s not jump to blaming the huge music tech behemoth. The now-infamous library card has been floating around for long before a deal with Apple will have been inked. He knows exactly what he’s doing. Critical acclaim for Channel Orange was so high, perhaps he’s just pissing enough people off with the wait, they forget how great that album was and blindly judge it on its own merit rather than comparing it previous greatness.

Either way, let’s hope Frank has realised that expectation is really fucking high, and that he needs to put out a blinder, otherwise we’re all going to feel like we’ve wasted our time, and it’s not like we’re in an industry climate where you can afford to be pissing off people who actually buy your music.

You too can waste your life away watching the Frank Ocean live stream here.


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