Jamie Clarke JCinLDNHello, and welcome to JCinLDN.com! I’m Jamie Clarke, and I live in London. Suddenly ‘JCinLDN’ becomes clear. Not too long ago I started working on an entertainment news site, that did okay for itself for a brief moment in time. I was working as a freelance copywriter and social media manager, so I had all the time in the world to write about the things that I loved. That all changed, however, when in February 2015 I started working for an independent record label, and all of the free time I once had to write was gone.

The site I had spent months building was left to decay, and ultimately I made the decision to remove it from the web. I really missed having that site, and I regret removing it, but I also love my job, so it was the right decision. I still don’t have the time to try and create something so ambitious again – I wanted to be the next DigitalSpy! – but I want to have a presence online that allows me to write about things I care about. This is the aim of JCinLDN – a place to share the things I’m passionate about, and hopefully you will find a few bits and pieces interesting too.

At JCinLDN.com you’re most likely to read about how amazing Mariah Carey is; how the Spice Girls are the greatest band of all time; the songs I’m listening to at the minute and how pop music these days is nowhere near as good as it used to be. So, if you too are outside the target demographic of Radio 1, and decidedly in the Radio 2 bracket (but not quite cool enough for Radio 6) you’re quite likely to come across a few things you can enjoy.

I really hope you like what you find here, anyway. Please share anything far and wide across all your channels if you do! Thanks!

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