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Katy Perry // Bon Appétit // Single Review


Katy Perry Bon Appetit“We gonna call this era ‘Purposeful Pop,’” Katy Perry proclaimed upon the release of single ‘Chained To The Rhythm.’ Her social media bios, edited to serve as a reaffirmation of the statement, read: “Artist. Activist. Conscious.” “I was like, ‘How are we writing a club banger when the world is on fire,'” she told Capital FM during a promotional interview. Katy Perry was clearly ready to leave the world of saccharine dance-pop behind for something more meaningful, or so it seemed.

As someone who has always found Perry’s persona as reductive as it is contrived, and her musical output equally lacking, my eyes rolled. But, I was willing to give her a chance. I was sorely disappointed. In continuation of the pointlessness of Perry, ‘Chained To The Rhythm’ turned out to be a generic club banger with a couple of not-so-deep lyrical nods to current socio-political issues. Katy Perry was using the Trump campaign, and his eventual election win, for promotional gain.

‘Chained To The Rhythm’ performed modestly, though it certainly wasn’t the smash expected of an artist of Perry’s commercial caliber. Follow-up single ‘Bon Appétit’ is out today, and seems to eschew ‘purposeful pop’ for her tried and tested recipe of reductive, double-entendre-laden, generic bullshit. As soon as I saw her ‘World’s Best Cherry Pie’ social media campaign, I knew she was reverting to her old tripe. Because she lacks substance, she has nothing else to offer.

I would advise against listening to ‘Bon Appétit,’ or supporting Perry in any way, shape or form. But if you must listen, you can expect a generic, autotuned rap shoehorned into a bland EDM track full of nonsensical, food-related, double entendre-filled lyrics. The track doubles as an instruction manual for bad porn, climaxing in Perry referring to her vagina as a “buffet.”

Perry has proved with ‘Bon Appétit’ that she is nothing more than an opportunist. Here is the same opportunist that shed her Christian gospel roots and acoustic guitar to don a Rock Barbie costume and titilate audiences with her faux-lesbian teasing debut, 2008s ‘I Kissed A Girl.’

In the words of Jill Sobule, who released a far superior song titled ‘I Kissed A Girl’ in 1995: “Fuck you, Katy Perry, you fucking stupid, maybe not good for the gays, title-thieving, haven’t heard much else, so not quite sure if you’re talented, fucking little slut.”

I really couldn’t have put it any better myself…

Bon Appétit is available to download and stream now from iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.

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