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Melanie C Mondays: ‘You’ll Get Yours’


Melanie C has been out promoting her new album Version Of Me, due this Friday. And like any Spice Girl, she’s unable to give an interview without being asked about her relationship with her bandmates. At An Intimate Evening With Melanie C… last week, one particular relationship came under the spotlight thanks to the lyrics of the album’s title track. And funnily enough, I think Melanie might have written about that particular person before…

The Wounded Kid I Was

On the title track of her new album, ‘Version Of Me’ Melanie C sings:

“This is not your playground. I’m not here for you to shoot me down. Praying on my weakness. Even when you’re not around. Nothing lasts forever. But you’re wrapped around my DNA. I’m hiding in the corner, like the wounded kid I was, like it was yesterday…”

I asked Melanie last week which songs on the new album were about her time in the Spice Girls, and she referred to the “wrapped around you DNA lyric” in her answer. She’s referred to Melanie B’s bullying of her publicly in reunion documentary Giving You Everything, saying ‘There were times when Melanie was very mean to me… I suppose, there were times when, you know, like ganging up on people as well… It was like playground stuff, but in quite an extreme situation.’ 

You’ll Get Yours

Beginning with a rather dramatic piano part, accompanied by a tremolo synth pad, ‘You’ll Get Yours’ seems like it was certainly written about a bully that had caused Melanie some hurt in her past. She sings:

“I’m so happy I have moved on. I heard you are regretful, that you sacrificed your dignity… Haven’t I already proved that I’m better off without you? I’m so glad I walked away.”

And goes on to spit, as the track builds to an electric guitar backed crescendo:

“For all your lies and your manipulations, for all time times I never felt good enough. You pushed me ’round and put me down, to satisfy your childish ego.”

It certainly sounds like Melanie is singing about a similar situation, and one that she still hasn’t been able to truly get over. Ultimately, the pain off her experiences in the band, and out of it inform her songwriting in such a brilliant way. ‘You’ll Get Yours’ is another example of how brilliant as songwriter Melanie C really is.

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