Mollie King

Mollie King // Saviour Of Pop?


I have a theory that Mollie King was born to save the world of pop music from the dreary monotony it finds itself in today. Even the name, given to her at birth, foretold her greatness.



1. street slang for MDMA, a party drug that induces euphoria and increased levels of empathy in those who take it.



1. a leader (tends to be male, but smashing gender stereotypes is so 2016) usually born into the position, the chief authority over a country and its people.

Mollie King

saviour of pop

1. An individual born to lead the masses into a state of euphoria through her chosen medium of music.

If that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will… But just in case I don’t quite have you convinced, let’s look at more evidence that Mollie King’s greatness in the world of music is pre-ordained.

The Logo

A logo can make or break an artist. Intentionally or not, Mollie King has selected to honor Aphrodite-era Kylie Minogue with her chosen typeface. This bodes well as Aphrodite was Kylie’s last great era. (Don’t @ me).

Mollie King Logo

The Aesthetic

There are yet more Kylie references and even iconic Britney references within the single cover. ‘Toxic’ and ‘Finer Feelings’ seem to be mashed up and it works, very simply. If these are the two artists she’s gunning for, I will be very happy if she even comes close.

single artwork mollie

The Look

Mollie has always gone for non-threatening girl next door with a slightly sexy dangerous edge. That doesn’t seem to bone changing with her impending solo stardom.

Mollie King Back To YouThe Video

The video seems to be cinematic in quality, judging by the five second clip we’ve seen so far. As long as there’s no horrendous product placement witching the first five seconds, I think she could be on to a winner. The fact that even put out a trailer shows that her team give a shit about building some buzz.

The Single

Without hearing it all, it’s hard to tell… But from the clip we’ve all been blessed with so far, I’m sensing tropical house vibes, electro-banger beats and a great, identifiable ‘why do I keep coming back to you?’ hook. Thumbs up so far.

Mollie King

The Release Date

There hasn’t been any dicking about. No fuss. Announce the single, get it out there. Job done. Many, more well established, pop stars could take a note out of our saviour’s book on this one.

Mollie King Back To You

The Social Media

Basically, when she’s not in the studio, quite like most of us, Mollie spends her time kickboxing to Beyoncé in the gym, supporting her friends on their reality TV competitions, at home watching films, posting make-up advice and shooting clay pigeons (this one is slightly questionable). The message is that Mollie is just like you and me – despite being royalty. Also, she loves Britney Spears more than life.

The Personality

Mollie seems game for a laugh and that accent of hers is an absolute winner. If she isn’t dating Prince Harry within the year something has gone terribly wrong.

I’ve been convinced that Mollie King would make an excellent pop star for a bloody long time. She has that ‘girl next door’ vibe, she’s goofy enough to not come across as pretentious, and she’s got a decent enough voice. All in all, things are extremely promising. I just hope I’m not setting myself up for disappointment…

Mollie King’s debut single Back To You is released this Friday.


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