Steps Scared Of The Dark Review

Steps // Scared Of The Dark // Single Review


Scared Of The DarkIf you’d told me twenty years ago, as a spotty fat teenager, that I’d be racing to work at a record label in London to listen to the new Steps single in twenty years’ time, I wouldn’t have believed a word you were saying. But, by some stroke of providence, that is exactly what happened this morning. And even though this thirty-three-year-old man should know better, I couldn’t love it more.

Tears On The Dancefloor

‘Scared Of The Dark’ is pitch perfect. Steps never have, and will never be cool. It would have been comeback suicide for them to return with a single that attempted to sound current. We don’t need more generic Tropical House, let’s be honest.

When the band’s fifth studio album title was revealed to be Tears On The Dancefloor, I knew that Fascination and the band understood what Steps can offer in 2017. We need some light relief from the worries of the world, but the best sub-genre of pop is the legendary sadbanger. The Sadbanger was ultimately created by Abba (‘The Winner Takes It All’) and continued in the modern era by legends such as Robyn (‘Dancing On My Own’) and Girls Aloud (‘Call The Shots’.)

Unashamedly Camp

The bass is driving, the seventies disco beat is pumping, the production is pure nineties, and the key change is EVERYTHING. Claire, Faye and Lisa share vocals equally – something I’m sure was contracted early in the reunion negotiations – and it’s great to hear that they sound just like they did twenty years ago, and haven’t succumbed to the overuse of auto-tune that sucks the personality out of most modern acts’ vocals.

Imagine if Abba formed a supergroup with A*Teens, Alcazar and Steps and you can probably imagine ‘Scared Of The Dark’ without hearing it. It’s a shame that Eurovision is regarded by many as a joke in the U.K. as we could win for the first time since 1997 with Steps at the helm. Scooch be damned.

Huge congratulations to all involved in bringing this project to life, it’s being handled perfectly, and perfecting the sound of modern-day Steps has clearly been the top priority. It’s great to have new Steps music in 2017, especially music so unashamedly camp, fun and carefree. I can’t wait for the release of Tears On The Dancefloor in April.

‘Scared Of The Dark’ is available now from iTunes and Spotify.

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