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Taylor Swift // Look What You Made Me Do // Single Review


Taylor swift look what you made me doTaylor Swift is BACK. And holy fuck, she is baying for blood. Ever the victim, new single ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ sees ‘good girl gone bad’ T-Swift blaming the subject of her latest diss track for something she did.

Working again with Jack Antanoff, who produced 1989 classic, ‘Out of The Woods,’ Taylor seems to be reviving her feud with Kanye West over his “I made that bitch Famous” lyric. A telephone effect on her voice as she claims the old Taylor is “dead” recalls the leaked Snapchat conversation between Taylor and Kanye about that song’s lyric

While ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ might not be an indicator of the hip-hop album I prophesied Reputation would be, it’s certainly her most urban offering to date. 808 beats, skittering hi-hats, and plenty of edge certainly put the track in the same urban-leaning field as Swift’s bestie, Selena Gomez – albeit with more sass. A Love. Angel. Music. Baby comparison instantly sprung to mind on first listen, and the single packs as much energy and attitude as Gwen Stefani’s solo debut.

This release is notable for Taylor’s absence from proceedings. Previous singles have been supported by live streams and fan events, but as she releases her sixth record, she is nowhere to be seen. As Swift proclaims herself, in the song’s brilliant middle-eight section, The Old Taylor Swift is Dead. What that means is yet to be revealed. It could be as simple as her leaving her country legacy behind her and committing to her new-found pop confidence, or she could be leaving her good girl reputation behind and letting her thirst for blood rule the remainder of the album.

Either way, Reputation, Swift’s sixth album is shaping up to be her most interesting yet, which is quite a statement when referring to an artist whose lyrics have been pored over for their subtext and hidden meaning more than any other.

Listen to Look What You Made Me Do here.

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